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Murale mosaïque nationale 2013 - EN

2013 National Mosaic Mural

Murale mosaïque nationale 2013 - Murales Sherbrooke
M.U.R.I.R.S. created this mural in collaboration with the Alberta-based Mural Mosaic team during the Canada Games held in Sherbrooke during the summer of 2013. The mural is a conglomeration of 224 works by 111 artists with different backgrounds and styles, from all across Canada. Together, the individual works form a cohesive image of an athlete jumping out of a frame, as a symbol of excellence and surpassing personal limitations. The mural also honours all arts and sports promoters who share the common values of perseverance, fun, excellence and collegiality.

After being unveiled during the Canada Games in Sherbrooke (2013), it was permanently installed in the city as a symbol of honour and pride.

Dimensions : 525 square feet 
Year created : 2013